Dust Mites Moisture Control – Key To Asthma Management

piIt is a well-known fact that the main trigger for asthma attacks in asthma sufferers in Australia is dust mites. Other major triggers for asthma attacks include mould, pets, pollen and smoke – the list goes on.

According to Asthma Australia million people in Australia suffers from asthma and more than 400 people die from asthma each year.

Medication is of course an important part of asthma management, however ventilation and the layout of your home plays a major role in ensuring  a healthy home with low moisture and dust mite levels. Effective house ventilation will assist in moisture control and therefore help you control numbers of dust mites in the home. The SAM home ventilation system offers natural ventilation for healthy living with less mould problems and lower dust mite levels helping you prevent asthma.

Asthma Management through dust mite control 

The Asthma Foundation provides practical advice on asthma management and asthma control. To reduce impact of dust mites the Asthma Foundation lists regular vacuuming and washing of bedding soft toys and furnishings as well as the use of dust mite covers for mattresses pillow and doonas. It is the droppings from the dust mites, rather than the dust mites themselves that most asthma sufferers are allergic to.

On the above webpage , the Asthma Foundation goes on to state that “There is no evidence to show that chemical sprays, air filtration, negative ion generators and ‘allergen free’ products reduce the amount of dust mite allergen or kill dust mites or lead to improvement in asthma” 

The most effective way to kill dust mites and therefore prevent asthma triggered by dust mites is to reduce and control humidity through ventilation with fresh preheated air.

Home Ventilation for Asthma Management

SAM (Solar Air Module) is a solar home ventilation system designed to introduce fresh warm and dry air into homes to reduce moisture levels effectively providing humidity control.

Better Health Victoria on their air quality website recommends that you reduce dust mite population, pay attention to ventilation, heating and cooling and ensures your home is fresh and not too humid – as the humidity control will help you “kill” dust mites and therefore prevent asthma.

The fresh, warm and dry air from a SAM home ventilation system will due to the dehumidifying effect exercise humidity control (moisture control) and therefore reduce or stop condensation and reduce or prevent mould.

Trying to find out dust mite can take lots of time. However, it is very important to reduce how many dust mites and allergens surrounding your household. You need to keep a clean, un-cluttered, dust-free home within dust mite control.

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